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The new Sleek Cello Sensor 3

Just what you’ve been waiting for

Just imagine being able to watch TV, videos, automatically adjust your room or floor temperature and receive occupancy alerts while away.

WELL!! That’s exactly what Cello was designed for.


Works with multiple HVAC systems

Cello smart home solution works with the most common heating, ventilation, and AC (HVAC) systems installed worldwide.

Cello Home Harmony

Forget seasonal temperature disorder – Save energy and be more comfortable in all seasons, in every room of your house

Reduce Your Energy Bill

– You control how much you save
– We guarantee your payback period. Or your money back.

All-In-One Simple Smartphone App

– Control it all from one simple application, available anywhere, anytime.
– Individual room temperature and occupancy monitoring from your smartphone

No Retrofit. No Construction Required

Wireless control. No costly retrofit construction to your home

Cello’s Set it and Forget it approach

Select between fully automated or manual control – you can choose Max Savings, Balanced, or Max Comfort.

Anybody, young and old, can enjoy the benefits of Cello.

The Most Effective Way to Reduce Electricity and Gas Bills

Innovation at its finest

Cello works intelligently in the background to eliminate energy waste and improve comfort irrespective of the heating system. Cello’s predictive occupancy feature greatly improve your comfort on the fly.

Have different heating systems installed in your home or office, Cello manages all your systems at the same time. This is becoming predominant in colder climates where homes and offices are being heated with electric baseboards and ductless heat pumps.


Connect it to Any Smartphone

Now control and monitor all ductless, baseboards, and central forced air zones with the same Cello App on your smartphone or a web browser.

Get Cello Now!

Champions of smart home energy use

Our team of experts can help you identify the root causes of your home comfort and energy waste issues either online or onsite. Cello Smart Home Solutions is constantly adding new online and onsite services to greatly improve your home experience.

Available, get it now online!

The Cello Cloud is the only secure access point for end customers, channel partners, and utilities for managing and monitoring Cello residential services and features.

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Downloadable Guides

Get all the help you need by downloading PDF guides.


Custom Shipping Options

Our shipping method can vary depending on the order.