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Team Cello

200+ years of engineering and programming experience birthed Cello, a utility-tested and proven home energy management system. We’ve combined our tech-savviness with a sales and marketing team that is the best in the industry to launch the first of our orchestra of products.

What is Cello? Well, let’s start with what Cello is not. Cello is not a thermostat! Cello bridges the gap between the deficiencies of smart and old thermostats and addresses the root problem, an optimal home environment in terms of comfort and energy savings.

We are experts in Internet of Things (IoT) who love robotics and have harnessed this to help consumers control their home and enhance their comfort and lifestyle.

Our products solve real issues facing the consumer – home comfort and escalating energy bills.

With Cello, the customer is always in total control. Harmonize your home. Get a Cello.

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The Cello Cloud is the only secure access point for end customers, channel partners, and utilities for managing and monitoring Cello residential services and features.

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