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Finally, a state of the art forced air damper that does not force you to replace your registers with plastic covers!

The new Cello Stealth Damper™ was designed with the customer in mind. The Cello Stealth Damper™ allows you to balance your duct airflow resulting in improved comfort and energy savings.


1 D Lithium battery included. Expected to last up to 10 years.


Download the Cello app for iOS and Android for standalone configuration


Any thermostat. Smart or old.


Battery operated. Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi. Standalone or fully automated mode.

Product Information

It magnetically mounts inside any 4, 5 and 6 inch round duct. It is battery powered with an expected battery lifecycle of up to 10 years.

There are three modes of Cello CSDS operation that are concurrently supported through the Cello cloud and iOS or Android mobile apps:

The end user can manually control the CSDS damper position using either the Cello mobile app, available for Android and iOS, or from the Cello cloud.

The CSDS damper position changes based on the end user entered schedule via the Cello cloud. This will alleviate the end user from having to change the damper position between seasons.

The CSDS damper position is periodically being adjusted, from the Cello cloud running AI algorithms, based on environmental data uploaded from the CSDS controller. The AI algorithms can predict the start and end of cool and cycles in addition to the target damper position.

The number of CSDS dampers required depends on the mode of operation. End users which only require manual and/or schedule mode support, need only to install the CSDS dampers in rooms that are under-utilized and/or uncomfortable due to excess heating or cooling.

For Auto mode, CSDS dampers are required only in rooms that are over-satisfied due to excess heating or cooling. The end user needs to ensure the vent registers in unsatisfied rooms are fully open to ensure maximum airflow In cases where the airflow is severely restricted, the CSDS solution support the installation of register booster fans to increase the airflow during a heat, cool, or ventilation cycle. Booster fans are AC powered and are controlled from the Cello cloud using the CSDS WiFi plug. The booster fans are commercially available off the shelf.

CSDS Installation is very simple and can be done in a matter of minutes by the consumers themselves.

The Cello Stealth Damper will start shipping early December 2018
but you can pre-order it today!