Cello Stealth Damper2018-11-21T16:33:43+00:00

Intelligent airflow control for forced air HVAC systems


 Lasts up to 10 years. Battery included.


Magnetically mounts under your vent register. No tools needed. Quickly configured from the Cello app.


Thermostat independent.


No change to the home decor. Keep your existing registers. No gateway needed. Connects to the Cello cloud over WiFi.

Modes of Operation

Cello Air damper position is manually controlled from either the Cello app or cloud.

The Cello Air damper position changes based on a schedule entered by the end user. The schedule can be entered via the Cello app or cloud.

All installed Cello Air dampers are synchronized and intelligently controlled via the Cello cloud. Airflow balancing is achieved using built in sensors and AI algorithms running on the Cello cloud. There are no additional room sensors needed to achieve airflow balance.

The Cello Air damper will be available early spring 2019. Pre-order it today!