Common Thermostat Problems and How Our Thermostat Solutions Solve Them

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Thermostat problems compromise your home comfort and result in higher utility bills than normal. If you’re tired of dealing with a thermostat that doesn’t keep your home at the right temperature, here are a few common thermostat problems and how our thermostat solutions take care of them:

  • Uneven heating and cooling–You walk into your kitchen and it’s cold. You walk into your living room and it’s warm. Then, you go upstairs and some rooms are hot while others are at the right temperature. Our thermostat solutions eliminate uneven home heating and cooling by using sensors to detect when the temperature goes above or below a preset level.
  • Inaccurate temperature–Having a thermostat that fails to keep up with your heating and cooling needs is beyond frustrating. Our thermostat solutions connect with your thermostat to maintain even cooling and heating while ensuring your home remains at a comfortable, energy-efficient temperature.
  • Faulty presets–You set your thermostat at one temperature before you left your home, but your air conditioning didn’t kick in at the time you wanted it to. If you’re tired of your presets not working, our thermostat solutions let you make adjustments wirelessly from the convenience of a single app.

We want to give you more information about our thermostat solutions and how they can take your home’s overall comfort to an entirely new level. Contact us today to speak to one of our professionals!

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