New to Cello? 4 Things to Know About Our Smart Home Solutions

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You might hear the term “smart home” and think that smart homes are only found in movies set in the very distant future. If you’re new to our smart home solutions, we want you to know that complete home automation isn’t just an idea — it’s a reality! With our smart home solutions, you can completely change the way you heat and cool your home, save energy, and more. Here are a few key things we want you to know about our smart home solutions:

1.  They’re automated–With Cello, you can set it and forget about it! Using sensors that adjust based on your settings, every room in your home will be the exact temperature you set it at in every season.

2.  They’re controlled by a single app–Do you get tired of adjusting multiple thermostats to keep the temperature consistent throughout your home? Are you always losing the remotes used to adjust your baseboard heaters? Our smart home solutions take the hassle out of adjusting your thermostat because they’re controlled with one easy-to-use app.

3.  They increase your comfort–Never be too hot or too cold again! Our smart home solutions keep your home from ever getting to a temperature you don’t want.

4.  No extensive setup is required–Regardless of the HVAC equipment used in your home, no extensive setup, construction, or retrofitting is needed to implement our smart home solutions.

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