Take Home Energy Saving to a New Level with Cello

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You’ve tried everything to lower your utility bills — turning up the thermostat in the summer, closing the blinds, wearing more layers in the winter — and nothing seems to get the results you’re after. Enter Cello. Cello takes home energy saving to an entirely new level with its intuitive, innovative design. Here’s how:

  • You’re in control – Maybe home energy saving is a priority, but you still want to live comfortably without worrying about the thermostat. Or, maybe you want to save as much energy as possible, and you’re willing to be slightly too warm or too cool for the sake of slashing your utility bills. Cello lets you set which level of savings you want to achieve and adjusts your home temperature accordingly.
  • Sensors take over — Every room in your home uses energy differently thanks to factors like insulation, the number of windows, and unsealed doorways. Cello’s sensors detect when there’s a discrepancy in temperature and adjust it based on your settings.

To make home energy saving even easier, we can come to your home and perform an energy audit. During this visit, one of our professionals will check your HVAC system, identify issues related to it, and recommend one or more solutions to solve your comfort problems.

Make home energy saving a priority! Contact us today to schedule your home comfort audit or to find out more about how Cello can help you save energy and cut costs.

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