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Power over Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and BLE Modulating Valve and Damper  Controller

The iLoVAC-3 is our new modulating valve and damper BACnet IP controller. Powered from any Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch or injector, it can deliver up to 10 watts to a single or multiple 24V actuators. The same unit can be provisioned to work as a VAV controller without a separate 24V power source, modulating control of 2-pipe and 1-pipe steam and hydronic heating systems, electric baseboards, and other HV AC systems.

The sensors port supports the interconnection of a wide array  temperature, humidity and differential pressure sensors from different manufacturers such as Melexis, Measurement Specialties (TE), Omron, Sensirion, and others. Occupancy sensors from Douglas Lighting and others can be simultaneously wired to the iLoVAC-3 sensors port.