Comfort Problems GONE

The new Cello Air™ Damper product solves the problem of hot and cold spots in your home through intelligent air balancing and room-by-room temperature control.  The Cello Air™ Damper works independently of your home thermostat. The Cello Air™ Damper installs under existing vent registers. The Cello Air™ Damper is battery powered with an expected life cycle of up to 6 years. Eliminating hot and cold spots translate to reduced energy bills.


Hot and cold spots at home?

Forget seasonal temperature disorder. Save energy and be more comfortable year-round, through room by room temperature control and airflow balancing, using the Cello Air Damper

Reduce your energy bill

You control how much you save

Easy to use iOS and Android Apps

For installers and end users

Comfort audit

Find out the root causes. Contact us for a home comfort audit.