Cello’s Augmented Intelligence BMS Platform Reduces Your Carbon Footprint, Energy and Operational Costs through Energy Efficiency, Controls, and Automation

Cello PoE Brick – Power and Manage ANY 24VDC Modulating Actuator over PoE

The Cello PoE Brick powers and manages any 24VDC modulating damper or valve actuator, through a single Ethernet connection. In addition to PoE, the Cello PoE Brick supports WIFI (2.4Ghz) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communications. Modulating actuators consuming up to 10 watts are supported.

In addition to modulating actuator control, the Cello PoE Brick supports a wide range of I2C and 1-Wire sensors from different manufacturers such as Melexis IR T sensors, Measurement Specialties (TE) T/H sensors, Omron pressure and T sensors, and Maxim T sensors.

The Cello PoE Brick can be controlled from the Cello cloud, or locally via any web browser or Modbus TCP client. The Cello cloud supports manual and scheduled modes, as well as automatic air balancing control.

Local control of the modulating actuator is achieved using proportional DAC (0-10V, 2-10V, or any voltage within the range) control with ADC position feedback.

The Cello PoE Brick works with any off the shelf PoE switch or injector which meets the 802.3af and 802.3af standards. Contact us for additional information.

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Introducing the new PoE Core 2

The new Cello Core 2 is an advanced IoT controller with support for Power over Ethernet (PoE) and wireless (2.4 GHz WiFi and BLE) communications. The Cello Core 2 support a wide array of features including sensors (Temperature, Humidity, Light and Motion), infrared transmitter, 0-10V dimming with daylight savings, pulse counting (utility meters, door sensors, leak detectors, etc.). The Cello Core 2 mounts into any off the shelf double gang box. The Cello Core 2 works with the Cello intelligent energy management system. It is also available for integration with 3rd party systems.

The Cello Core 2 works with any off the shelf PoE switch or injector which meets the 802.3af and 802.3af standards. Contact us for additional information.

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Air Balancing and Room-by-Room Temperature Control

The new Cello Inline Damper is an integral part of the Cello Air Balancing and Control (Airbnc) system. Airbnc solves the problem of hot and cold spots in your home through intelligent air balancing and room-by-room temperature control.  The Cello Airbnc system works independently of your home thermostat. The battery powered Cello Inline Damper installs under existing vent registers and is only required where duct ends are inaccessible. Use of off the shelf dampers and modulating actuators is suported by the Cello Airbnc system for exposed duct runs.


Hot and cold spots at home?

Forget seasonal temperature disorder. Save energy and be more comfortable year-round, through room by room temperature control and airflow balancing, using the Cello Air Damper

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