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Run your building better with cello

Less Energy. Improved Ventilation. UVC Sterilization. QUICKEST ROI.

cello is an AI driven Building Automaton System (BAS) platform for managing your building’s HVAC, lighting, and water energy consumption. It is BACnet and Modbus compliant. Wired and wireless control between cello BAS, thermostat and any HVAC equipment eliminates the need for new wiring.  Thermostat requires only 2 wires for power for full energy control. cello is fault tolerant and scalable.

cello’s report engine allows the system administrator and authorized users the ability to track the building performance both historically and in real-time.

The cello products and services suite include energy audits, High Volume Low Speed fans installation, HVAC and lighting systems retrofit, window inserts and films for reducing glare, heat loss and solar gain, smart UVC sterilization and so much more.


Unrivaled Submetering Solutions for Any Scale & Budget

Solutions for virtually any submetering need

Low cost submetering systems for any residential, commercial, or industrial application. Free cloud data and software. No recurring fees. Ever.

Manage a single meter, or thousands, from the cello cloud, free.


Intelligent Low Voltage Actuator Controller – iLoVAC-3

A new way to power and manage 24VDC Actuators

The iLoVAC-3 powers and manages any 24VDC modulating damper or valve actuator, through a single Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection. The iLoVAC-3 also support WIFI (2.4Ghz) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communications. The iLoVAC-3 24VDC Actuator port delivers up to 10 Watts of power.

The iLoVAC-3 sensors port allows the interconnection of a wide array of I2C and 1-Wire temperature, humidity and differential pressure sensors from different manufacturers such as Melexis, Measurement Specialties (TE), Omron, Sensirion, and others. Multiple motion sensors can also be cascaded off the same iLoVAC-3 sensors port for occupancy and vacancy detection.

The iLoVAC-3 typically connects to the ASE Cello Building Automation System (CBAS) for modulating control of 1-pipe and 2-pipe steam, hydronic, and other HVAC heating systems, High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) fans, etc. Future software releases will include support for balanced HEPA filtration. The iLoVAC-3 is upgradeable Over the Air.

The iLoVAC-3 supports BACnet IP and Modbus TCP allowing interconnection with any third-party Building Automation System.

Modulating control is achieved through a high-resolution DAC (0-10V, 2-10V, or any voltage within the range) output signal with optional ADC (0-10V) position feedback.

The iLoVAC-3 connects to any commercial PoE switch or injector which meets the 802.3af and 802.3af standards.