Comfort Problems GONE

The new cello Air™  damper product solves the problem of hot and cold rooms. The cello Air™  damper continuously balances the airflow for the entire home.  It is independent of the thermostat. The cello Air™  damper installs under the existing vent register implying no change to the home decor. The cello Air™  damper is battery powered with an expected life cycle of up to 6 years for regularly maintained furnaces and ACs. Solving the comfort problem results in energy savings.


Home Comfort

Forget seasonal temperature disorder – Save energy and be more comfortable in all seasons, in every room of your house using the Cello Air damper

Reduce Your Energy Bill

You control how much you save

All-In-One Simple Smartphone App

Set it and forget it!

No Retrofit. No Construction Required

Fully wireless