The Mission of ASE

Our goal when we created ASE was to bring forth sustainable, innovative, and intelligent hardware and software products and services to the cleantech commercial market acquired over the past 30+ developing ruggedized products for Bell Northern Research, Nortel, Telesat, Westingouuse, and others.

As a start-up company in 2013, ASE was hired by Wisuite of Detroit MI to build a state-of-the-art smart thermostat for its hotel energy management system from the grounds up. Twelve months later, ASE received its first order for 5,000 thermostats which it delivered within a four months of contact award. Tens of thousands of the ASE developed thermostats are currently installed in hotels in North America and overseas.

ASE then embarked on developing its own Augmented Intelligence building automation system (BAS) under the Cello brand. The first deployment was a joint field trial with Hydro Quebec and Sustainable Development Technology Canada. The trial was successfully completed by meeting the Hydro Quebec and ASE performance objectives.

ASE’s first deployment of its BAS products and services was at Environment and Climate Change Canada in 2018. In 2019, ASE was awarded a contract to install its BAS solution at one of the Canadian National Defense buildings in the nation’s capital.

ASE’s adopted sale model consists of providing customers a turnkey solution while at the same time involving HVAC and electrical partners when necessary. The offering includes an energy audit if one does not exist, deployment of ASE’s BAS, potential HVAC, lighting and other building envelope retrofits, training, 24/7 online and onsite support for $0 down and based on a lease to own arrangement with flexible terms.

ASE’s engineering team continues to improve the BAS performance and features by implementing Augmented Intelligence software and algorithms which results in addition energy and building operations savings through automation and predictive maintenance, improved comfort with increasing the energy consumption, reporting and analytics to better guide the building owners and managers to make better and informed decisions. Since 2019, ASE has adopted the Power over Ethernet capability on all its modulating controllers and sensors, resulting in quicker installations and better data and control management.

ASE believes the use of Artificial Intelligence for making real time energy management decisions is extremely risky. This is enforced by new EU regulations and standards governing Artificial Intelligent development.

ASE’s BAS solution does not rely on a third party’s BAS to be running concurrently. It runs autonomously and securely either at the customer site or in the cloud. ASE’s Intellectual Property is 100% Canadian!