Intelligent Building Management System

ASE’s Cello intelligent building management system (BMS) is a turnkey, scalable, energy efficiency and management platform for commercial and residential buildings. The Cello BMS decision making processes are primarily occupancy driven, eliminating the need for constant supervision and occupants’ input. Cello BMS’ new solar heat transfer management optional feature allows the harvesting or blocking of outdoor heat to further reduce energy consumption. The latter is accomplished through dimming control of smart glass or tinted films in sync with the occupants and indoor building environment settings.

Cello BMS’ secure and distributed processing platform provides customers the ability to operate without any cloud dependency. Communications between the Cello BMS’ subsystems can be wireless (WiFi, BLE), wired (RS-485, PoE), or a combination of both depending on building restrictions and operational requirements. Cello BMS supports BACnet/IP and Modbus TCP for connecting to third party commercial off the shelf energy controls and monitoring products.

ASE has partnered with leading HVAC and LED lighting systems manufacturers to augment its Cello commercial offering, allowing ASE to offer a wider range of products, services, upgrades to its customers where required. The Cello BMS is compatible with any commercial HVAC and lighting systems, old or new.

Cello BMS ensures the utmost in occupants’ comfort while minimizing energy consumption. System administrators have access to a rich set of web-based reports for better tracking of energy consumption and resources.

A commercial rollout would entail the following recommended steps:

  • Energy Audit – Recommended if an existing study is not available

    • Evaluate operational performance of “AS FOUND” systems
    • Analysis, reporting, and recommendations will provide the customer with multiple options outlining benefits, estimated energy savings, and budget costing for each option
  • Systems Retrofit and Cello EMS installation
    • Retrofit of existing HVAC and/or Lighting systems following the energy audit report recommendations if selected by the customer
    • Installation of Cello BMS taking into account the customer communications and security requirements
  • Training and Support
    • Onsite training
    • Online and onsite support

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