Cello for Commercial and Residential Buildings

ASE Smart Energy’s Cello commercial offering provides building owners, operators and managers a range of turnkey energy efficiency solutions tailored to meet their budgets with a guaranteed ROI.

Cello’s distributed processing platform allows Government institutions with restricted Internet access to make their buildings energy efficient as well, where there is no cloud dependency.

ASE has partnered with leading HVAC and LED lighting systems manufacturers to augment its Cello commercial offering, with all benefits being passed on to the customer. Financing is available O.A.C.

Cello is an occupancy driven energy management system where there is minimal to almost no input required from the end user and system operator. Cello ensures comfort while minimizing energy consumption. System operators have access to a rich set of reports in order to better manage resources.

Cello’s commercial products and services suite consists of:

  • Energy Audit – This is the first step in evaluating the specifications and operational performance of the currently installed lighting and/or HVAC systems. This phase also includes an inspection of the building thermal insulation. Engineering analysis are then conducted and the resulting report is forwarded to the customer for evaluation.
  • Systems Retrofit – Recommendations provided in the Energy Audit report might entail retrofitting existing HVAC and/or lighting systems  for maximum energy consumption reduction. Alternative HVAC systems might also be a better fit.
  • Cello energy management system installation and commissioning –  For security and/or other reasons, ASE will install a separate secure commercial grade WiFi network for Cello’s exclusive use.
  • De-commissioning of older equipment.
  • Training, onsite and online support.

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