Intelligent control of any infrared managed HVAC appliance such as mini-splits, window ACs, ductless heat pumps and more…

How does it work?

The Cello Sensor 3 continuously monitors your room’s occupancy and commands in real-time your mini-split, ductless, or window AC unit to change temperature and fan settings to meet your comfort needs and save on energy.

The Cello Sensor 3 intelligently predicts room occupancy resulting in improved comfort. One Cello Sensor 3 is required per room.

If your infrared controlled unit command set is not currently supported in our database, the Cello Sensor 3 can quickly learn your unit’s infrared command set and share it for general use.

Northern Climate Residents

If your home is heated with electric baseboards, in addition ductless heat pumps, the Cello Sensor 3 intelligently selects the heat source for improved comfort and energy savings. The Cello Sensor 3 works in tandem with baseboard thermostats from Sinope Technologies. Please contact a Cello sales rep for more details.