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Manage your mini splits from anywhere & Save $$$

How does it work?

Install one Cello Sensor 3 per evaporator (indoor unit) or any infrared controlled HVAC unit (like Window ACs) in order to intelligently remote manage your room temperature. Temperature setbacks are automatically applied by the Cello Sensor 3 based on room or office occupancy, resulting in substantial savings on your utility bill. Improve your comfort by making use of the Cello occupancy prediction feature which preconditions your room or office prior to your arrival. The Cello Sensor 3 support both heat pumps and ACs. You can install as many Cello Sensor 3 units as required. No additional gateway needed.

Northern Climate Residents

If your home has electric baseboards installed in addition to a single or multi-unit mini split heat pump system, Cello automatically manages both your heat pump and electric baseboards for maximum comfort and energy efficiency. The heat pump or baseboards can be set as your primary heat source based on time of day, occupancy, and/or outdoor weather temperature. Please contact a Cello sales rep for more details.

Cello Sensor 3 Models

Two models are supported. Table top and wall adapter.

Infrared (IR) Commands Learning

Cello Sensor 3 can learn your mini split or HVAC unit IR codes easily, if not currently supported by the Cello cloud. Learning IR codes is done only once.

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