Smart Home Solutions

Smart Home Solutions

The IoT (Internet of Things) has modernized and revolutionized how we do business, interact with family and friends, and engage in everyday tasks. Essentially how we go about this thing called ‘life’.

Big trends are how you understand and monitor your transportation; your car, traffic, maps; how you use personal items such as your phone, wallet, and credit cards; to even how you monitor your health through wearable tech.

One area that can affect everything from personal finance to comfort is how you use and consume energy in your home. This is where Cello plays a concert to ensure you have the comfort you desire, with the level of savings you need.

Our Smart Home Solutions are as automated as you like, elevating customized home comfort to an almost concierge level – first class control of temperature throughout your home, in every room of your home, all year round.

In a utility test, consumers saved significant money on their electric bill. Savings is entirely up to the user and how they set their Cello system.

Yes, you can have the best of both worlds. And yes you can use the IoT to truly experience comfort and harmony that is centrally managed, where you are the conductor!

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